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Class up an after hours meal

You just got finished up with a long night of adult beverages and the only thing on your mind besides the lady next to you is food.  Now any other time you know White Castle is the right decision.  On this occasion since there is a lady present, suggest a classier establishment. suggests Denny's. Their moderate pricing, acceptable food, and ability to sit indoors tells her she is someone special.

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Class up a visit to the bar

We have all been to those bars where every server is "in to you" and every 2 seconds you are asked to purchase a shot for your group. suggests to never give into this form of peer pressure.

Recently Classy Lee and Danger were enjoying some delicious beverages when a server asked us to buy shots.  This server was not convincing enough so Classy Lee and Danger politely declined.  Her friend came over to the table to discuss the situation and jokingly called the original server a "shot bitch".

Normally this is playful fun but always suggest to class it up to the next level.  As soon as server B finished calling server A "shot bitch", Classy Lee follows up with: "Yea, remove the shot part".  This is a great way to show server B just how unconvincing server A was.

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Class up a fantasy about a co-worker

In every office it is without a doubt that there will always be "water cooler conversation" or banter concerning another co-worker (in this case a male talking/fantasizing about a smokin' hot female). One such fantasy is to have a permanent desk under the said female's desk. A pretty lofty fantasy indeed! One way to really class this fantasy up is to say to your co-worker, "Damn, that would awesome every three weeks out of the month. I'm sure that 4th week would be lip smackin' good."

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Class it up with attractive American Eagle cashiers

The rules of checking out a lovely lady are quite simple: 1.) Do not stare. 2.) Look away when she looks back.

This is far too typical and predictable.

Keep it classy by continually staring at said lovely lady before, during, and after getting caught. If she does not think you are a "creeper" after that, then you might be able to end up with her phone number ... or get arrested by mall cops.

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Class it up with your waitress

While dining at a fine establishment where the waitstaff are clothed in outstanding uniforms, in this case bikinis and flip flops. The waitress set my beer on the table commenting on how "sweaty" the bottle was and was going to put a drink napkin under the bottle. I, being the classy person I am, let the waitress know how "I like it sweaty".

Waitresses dressed in bikinis love these comments, that's why they work there.

I know she wanted to go home with me after such a classy comment.

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