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Classy Inside Jokes

Inside jokes are great. Here at we suggest having a few of these going amongst friends.  The best ones often involve a little physical comedy.  Mix that with an element of surprise and we have the inside "karate chop" joke.

This joke is performed between 2 very good friends with years of kinship under their belt.  The object is to sneak up on your good friend and perform a quick karate strike to his or her neck-collarbone area.  Often times this is harmless, but as you grow older make sure to compensate for your age with a deadlier strike.  Let's take this a step further and perform it in public, as the innocent bystanders won't know what is going on but you and your friend sure will and laughter will ensue.

While you are entering a crowded upscale coffee house, you see your friend waiting patiently in line and getting ready to order.  Instantly you think to yourself, "Now is the time to shine! Break that inside joke out into the real world!"  As you approach your friend with ninja like focus, it is important to ignore all the other patrons that have patiently been waiting in line.  Your hand becomes rigid, your body in attack mode, you yell out a thunderous "Hiiii Yaaaa!" as you strike your friend furiously on the side of the neck.  Instantly your friend's knees buckle and a yelp of pain comes from his mouth.  As you stand above him laughing from your accomplishment, the man turns around in pain to reveal that it is NOT your friend!  This is a look a like! Clearly he is not aware of your joke and thinks this to be another case of coffee shop violence.

As you stand there looking stunned that you just took down a complete stranger it is time to think quick.  What do you do?  Do you help? Do you explain yourself?  We suggest none of the above.  Instead, quickly ask once if the patron is okay then high-tail it out of there!  There is nothing at this point that you can offer the gentleman to make up for a ninja like strike that sent him barreling to the floor.  It is time to leave and let him be alone with his shame.

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