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Class up your phone calls

How cool would it be if you had a cell phone that could make your calls for you? I am not just referring to automated dialing, rather, I am describing a phone that can call or text others complete with an automated voicemail or conversation. Classy Lee stumbled upon one of these phones. The concept is quite simple.

The phone has its keys on the outside unlike a standard flip-phone. The phone is placed inside of the front pocket for safe keeping. There is no digital lock on the keys since it is far too tedious to enter a 4-digit pin to unlock a phone. At random moments during the week the phone will call or send a text message to the first person in your contacts list. This can happen at least two or three times a week, saving you the hassle of actually having to pick up the phone and do the dirty work yourself. Extra charges will apply to the receiver's phone bill in case he or she does not have a text message plan. The text messages are typically blank or full of random characters, and the calls are similar to having a conversation with sandpaper on a block of wood. If you ever want to change the person to automatically call, just rename the contact to be at the top of your list.