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Happy St. Pats Day from Sourdough Joe


Crosby Is Not Classy

Sidney Crosby is a pussy.


Classy Pussies

A bunch of fucking pussies who are clearly not real men decided to hike an island in the northern part of Lake Superior. They cried and whined like a bunch of bitches the whole time. Then they got sick on the boat on the way back. I, not being a pussy, swam back to the mainland in the storm. In fact, I was towing the boat cuz the captain could not navigate the storm. Had to side stroke cuz my other hand was holding my bike. Some say swimming in a parka is dumb. I personally like the extra drag. Again, not a fucking pussy.

Upon reaching the mainland, these pussies kept crying and attempted to calm their stomachs with crackers. Exactly what I would expect from either a carload of pregnant women with synced-up morning sickness or a carload of fucking pussies.


Happy Valentine’s Day From Sourdough Joe


Happy New Year from Sourdough Joe

Happy New Year You Pussies


Merry Christmas from Sourdough Joe

Merry Christmas You Pussies


Sourdough Joe

Let me tell you about a man I saw on a highway during a road trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Let me also set the scenario for you to put things in to context. The UP of Michigan is mostly rural. Two-lane highways make up most of the roads, which are frequently traveled at speeds beyond 60 MPH. There are narrow dirt shoulders in case you have to pull over. You will rarely see someone on the shoulder unless pulled over in a car. It is rather dangerous to travel by other means down these roads because drivers do not expect pedestrians on the highways.

With that said, Grundle, Classy Lee, and I are cruising down a highway up there and see a man riding a mountain bike on the side of the road. He had a giant beard and was wearing a large down parka. It was 65 degrees outside and he was wearing a down parka! The bike had some panniers and a basket full of all kinds of random stuff. The average person would probably think that this guy was either: A: The town drunk, B: Homeless, or C: Looking for ways to save on fuel costs.

Our thoughts did not match up with any of those possibilities. Rather, we collectively decided on one conclusion after seeing that man: He is a badass.

His name: Sourdough Joe

Sourdough Joe is the antithesis of being a pussy. In fact, all that stuff he was carrying on his bike were probably huge lists of people that are pussies. In fact, you are most likely on one of his lists. As we drove by in a car, he probably wrote our names down since traveling in a motorized vehicle is for pussies. We have not confirmed this, but it is plausible that he probably wrote down the following famous badasses: 1.) Chuck Norris, because having a TV show is for pussies. 2.) Jack Bauer, because fiction is for pussies. 3.) Maddox, because the Internet is for pussies. 4.) Teddy Roosevelt ... ah never mind, Teddy is probably his father.

We could not stop and talk to Sourdough Joe because he was too busy being a badass and/or calling people pussies, so we ended up making a small website about him. We had to use a picture we found on Google because photography is apparently for pussies.