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Classy Customer Service

Nothing says quality customer service better than kicking a client's dog behind one's back. If the damn dog does not stop barking, growling, and humping your leg, where do you draw the line? Are you expected to just sit there and take it like a champ? Who gives a shit about that customer. She's only getting cable Internet because it came with a package deal from a shitty local provider (*cough* Comcast *cough*). She can now watch Lifetime all day and then login to Hotmail to forward massive e-mail chains to dozens of friends or else face the consequences of being lonely for 20 years or having a moose shit on her lawn or deal with some other kind of wild e-mail curse. You make your 12 dollars an hour and you are going to quit next week anyway, so who really cares about this customer and her crazy dog? When she leaves the room to go check her lawn for moose shit you take the opportunity to kick that dog and show her who is boss. Now that's classy Comcast service.

With that said, Comcast sucks.