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Classy Cougars

Some of yours truly on took a trip out to Cleveland to hang out for the night. Towards the end of the night we stumbled in to an Irish pub to catch the last call. I think we picked the one bar in town where all of the trashy looking and desperate middle-aged married or engaged women hang out, because we did not see any attractive women in there, let alone any under the age of 35. It was important to keep the eye contact to a minimum to avoid any unnecessary drunken conversation from these classy women, especially since I was not drinking much that night and was not very tolerant of the more alcohol-enriched locals. I was not looking to spark any form of communication with these belligerents. The other folks in my entourage made the mistake of making just the slightest eye contact across the bar, a dangerous mistake when factoring in the low light and beer goggles effect. Like a mouse on a sticky trap full of peanut butter, three classy women made their way over and clung on to the closest male with a pulse. To put things in to perspective, even Classy Lee himself was not digging the situation. One of the bartenders made mention that one of the ladies in particular has been on a mission all night trying to get a guy to take her home. She was wearing an engagement ring, so that is a sure sign of a woman who is comfortable with her life and relationship. Even after the bar was officially closed it took about twenty minutes to peel them off to get out of there. Those women were on a mission, and so help the unlucky men who fell for those traps. We all made it out without any problems. I spent most of the time avoiding everyone anyway.

On the way back, Classy Lee made a brilliant observation:

"Those women were not cougars. They were more like stray cats."

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