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Class Up the ATM

When getting ready for a fun night out on the town it is always important to come prepared.  The most important thing to have on you is cash.  It is never classy to head out without any cash on you.  Forget to put some money in your pockets?  No worries!  There is an ATM on almost any corner.  Since you are too cheap to pay the $2 fee, it is of utmost importance to find the right ATM.  As you are cruising and quickly spot your ATM of choice make sure to slam on the brakes and whip into the driveway, cutting off all adjacent traffic.  Not only does this lose any police tails but it ensures that your friends in the car behind you will almost certainly be put in danger.

Now that you have safely arrived at your ATM, physically get out of the passenger side of the car with card in hand and prepare for transaction.  Not only does getting out of the car show onlookers your classiness, it lets your girlfriend in the driver seat know just how much she is trusted with seeing you type in your PIN.  Take your time at the ATM.  Check your balance.  If you need more than all fingers and toes to calculate your balance you are in good hands for the night.

We caught Classy Lee at the ATM and were very intrigued by how he went about withdrawing some cash. Take a look:


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