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Fan-Submitted Story: Classy Introduction

My boyfriend introduced me to total strangers as, 'the chick I’m banging'.

Enough said.


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Classy Comment for the Ladies

All to often somewhat meaningless comments can be switched into a sexual reference or joke when drinking with friends.  This is a common event when a group of males get together.  Often things said are so off color that they should never be repeated in public.  However, when you bring together several classy males and a few females, the filter goes away.  Ladies, I already apologize...

During a fierce game of beer pong, some heated exchanges started to take place.  In order to preserve their innocence, I will completely change the names of those involved.

Just as Mason sunk a great shot he yelled across the table to Handy, "You should have pulled it out!"

Handy replies with, "Yea, that's what they always say to me!"

Giggles ensue...

Then out of nowhere Handy fires back with, "And then I say, 'HEY YOU GO TAKE A PILL!!' "

Jaws dropped and no one quite knew what to say.  The ladies during this gathering were flabbergasted.  Now that is class...

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Classy conversation with the waitress

Every now and again, you end up at the bar with a friend who's name is the same as yours. This can prove to be a great opportunity to strike up some classy conversation. For example, when paying the bill the waitress notices that both of your names are say James, she might say, "Wow, I'm in-between a couple of James'." You could then follow that up with a classy statement such as, "Yea, how does it feel to be 'tag-teamed' tonight by a couple James'?"

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Class it up with attractive American Eagle cashiers

The rules of checking out a lovely lady are quite simple: 1.) Do not stare. 2.) Look away when she looks back.

This is far too typical and predictable.

Keep it classy by continually staring at said lovely lady before, during, and after getting caught. If she does not think you are a "creeper" after that, then you might be able to end up with her phone number ... or get arrested by mall cops.

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Class it up when paying a bill

Ever wanted to press your luck, impress a girl, or maybe just mindlessly entertain yourself just for the hell of it?  This classy tip might be for you!

When paying an attendant, bar tender, server, etc, reach into your wallet and gesture like your pulling out your credit card.  Instead of handing them your credit card, hand them your ID.  When they inform you that you've given them your ID, you say "I know, I'm paying for this with my good looks *wink wink*.

*Disclaimer*, while I do encourage this kind of "classy" behavior, I don't take any kinda liability for whatever happens after you attempt this act of class. :-)

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