Classy Lee How to be classy and stay classy


Classy Philanthropy

As men we tend to have voracious appetites for sex. Unfortunately, our significant others are not always available or willing to tend to these needs. Fortunately there are alternative avenues.

Modern technology will always prevail in the realm of sexual pleasure. With the availability of Internet porn and sex toys, one really no longer needs to have a partner.

Now, some spouses, boyfriends, or girlfriends may not be so tolerant of such self gratifying behavior. This is where you must act like a ninja and go stealth. Not such a difficult feat. If your porn collection is 100% digital, it can easily be stashed in an un-suspiciously named folder on your hard drive. Toys can be a bigger problem however as they are tangible. Variety being the spice of life, you may have more than one pocket pussy for pleasuring yourself.

The best hiding places are out of the way spots that are not well traveled or searched. Perhaps you have a large pile of old items from your youth that you no longer use or need. Perhaps they are all piled up in a distant corner of your basement. Perhaps there is an old duffel bag containing your wife's figure skates from when she was a little girl. This may be the perfect receptacle for your instruments of penile stimulation. No one will come looking for it & it zips closed so if someone is digging through the pile there is no chance of the bag falling over and spilling your contraband.

Both problems solved. Let the festivities begin!

"Hey, what happened to that pile of stuff in the basement?"

Dave's wife:
"I got rid of it."

"Even your figure skates? You threw them out?"

Dave's wife:
"No. I donated those to the Salvation Army."

Your Classiness will be truly revealed when some unsuspecting young girl asks her parents how to install the silicone blade guards that were in the bag with her new skates.


Classy way to say no to having kids

At some point in any relationship where you may be married, engaged, or even dating, there will be the occasional pressure from either person's parents to have kids, so they can say they have grand kids. While this may be great idea for them, there are those of us who have a touch of class and will have a different opinion on the subject.

When being hammered on the subject by either, it's always best and classy to say (from a male perspective in this case) "I'd rather tie my dick in a knot to make sure that this doesn't happen"

Not only will you have made your point, you may even be able to ensure your self a week to a month of not having to talk to the party or parties that brought this up in the first place.