Classy Lee How to be classy and stay classy


This site is about all things classy. All of the articles that you will read on this blog are all based on true events. Most of what is posted is hardly exaggerated, if at all. One could hardly make some of this crap up. That is what makes us so classy. We use nicknames on this site to keep things semi-anonymous, but it would not be difficult for one to figure out who is who based on police reports or five o'clock news headlines.

The Classy Team:

Classy Lee

The Godfather

Who wants to have a box social?

Classy Lee once attempted to build a ship in a bottle. In process, 7 people were injured, 3 of which were young children. Because of this he is now banned from all Jo-Ann Fabrics stores for life. The ship was never built. He is well known for slamming car doors, cabinets, and toilet seats. Classy Lee is the inspiration for this site, as he is the most classy of them all.

The Itis

Creepy Admin

Om nom nom nom

The Itis is the website admin, keeping things maintained and running. He is also the entire editing staff, since most people here learned English grammar and writing skills from watching Good Times reruns. He loves a good Windows vs. Mac argument, because Linux always wins in the end. He really enjoys money, saving money, not spending money, making money, and clipping coupons to save more money. He also is picky about deli meats and sandwiches.


Loves a Cheese Danish

I have a problem with cheese.

Danger enjoys large quantities of Combos, Diet Coke, and Heineken beer. He can literally sleep anywhere, preferably in between a sliding doorway. His idea of waking up early is sleeping until only 2:30pm. Instead of purchasing shares of the Brown-Forman Corporation, he bought numerous bottles of Jack Daniel's, thinking that he could eventually own a stake in the company if he drank enough.


Crossing the Line and Creating a New One

Excuse me, Flo?

Grundle once went to a bar in a small town, called the waitress "Flo", and almost got in a fight with the bartender. His strength and weakness is Jameson whiskey. He has the ability to clear out a public hot tub in a matter of minutes, especially when it is occupied by teenagers.

Sourdough Joe

Not A Pussy

What are you looking at you pussy?

This is the baddest motherfucker in the world. He has a big beard, always wears a down parka, and rides a mountain bike wherever he needs to travel. He is not a pussy like you are.